Leisure time in Badenweiler

Our hotel is located in the quaint town of Badenweiler, at the foot of the Black Forest and in the heart of the Markgr├Ąflerland. You can enjoy magnificent natural landscapes, a mild climate as well as the famous Baden hospitality and a diverse range of health, wellness, sports and leisure activities.



The imposing ruins of Badenweiler, first mentioned in 1122, is located above the spa park. The ruin serves as a venue next to the spa.


Spa park

The cultural-historical trail crosses the beautifully landscaped spa of Badenweiler.


Roman Bath Ruin

Discover the fascinating story of the year 75 AD incurred Roman baths, the ruins of which can be viewed below the Cassiopeia Therme.



No other place is as rich in festivals and concerts, the arts and culture as Badenweiler. The glittering highlights of the year are the lantern festivals, flower festivals, the numerous culinary events and much more ...


Cassiopeia Therme

The Cassiopeia Therme is one of the most beautiful spas in Europe. The thermal waters of the Cassiopeia Therme eases tension, stimulates blood circulation and has a positive effect on body and mind.


Sports and Leisure Bath

The sports and leisure bath offers you a heated shallow pool for non-swimmers and more numerous water attractions as well as terraced lawns.