Welcome to the Balance-Hotel

Treat yourself to a rejuvenating timeout at the BALANCE HOTEL - a meeting place for people who go with the flow of time and represent a modern and casual lifestyle.


The idyllic location adjacent to the park invites you to enjoy the zen surroundings. The Hotel, which is aligned based on Feng Shui principles, exudes a warm and refreshing atmosphere upon arrival. The house gains a unique charm by the individual colors of the rooms and slightly exotic furnishings.


Maria Grüninger, your host and owner at the Balance Hotel,created a concept that is based on bringing the body, mind and soul into alignment, supported by our team of therapists with Ayurvedic treatments and mental coaching, massages and natural cosmetics.


Along with her friendly and attentive team she wants her guests to enjoy an unforgettable holiday.



I look forward to seeing you!
Maria Grüninger with team