Natural rejuvenation

NEW and Revolutionary:

Collagen Body Wave - anti-age slimming cabin. With our high-tech device to simultaneously cause rejuvenation through collagen development - body forming and toning - muscle workout - and weight loss in just 20 minutes! Light therapy also lifts up the mood and is therefore an excellent anti-depressant!

Price: 35,– €


Fountain of Youth - rejuvenation with DIAR Magic Station

The treatments are painless, leave no damage and make an impact soon. The applications are based on the ultrasonic method, unipolar and tripolar radio frequency. Success after the second to 3 Application visible.
1 treatment: 190,– € (6 - 8 treatments are ideal)


Wrinkle reduction and lifting the face, neck and decollete - targeted fat removal and body shaping in problem zones - cellulite treatment on thighs and buttocks - stretch mark reduction and finer complexion.