The divine Ayuerveda Therapy.

Ayurveda deals with your health on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, with the cause and development of diseases and the intention to overcome or cure diseases.


The effect of the profound Panchakarma Yoga Intensive can experienced in a 7-day treatment. By ayurvedic cleansing, relaxation and St├Ąrkungskur metabolic waste are released and excreted from the body. The tissue is then optimally constructed with high-quality, ayurvedic oils, and natural resources. In conjunction with a constitution conversation and pulse diagnostics that contribute to the cure at the health success. Morning yoga and meditation sessions add to the mood for the subsequent treatments. If necessary, additional special treatments such as Kaya Seka (pouring warm oil), Khadivasti (local oil enema) and / or prescribed Udvartana (massage with powders) are offered.


During the Ayurvedic Yoga intensive you'll be taken care of by a master in this field - Rollf P. Adam, naturopath, Dr. Ac / PhD, professor (WHO) Dipl.clin. Ayurvedic Specialist and Master of Yoga, instructor for Ayurveda therapists.